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Free Advice - The National Bereavement Service

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Help and support for Cover Today customers and their families 

We understand that losing someone you love can be a very difficult and emotional time. Many of us don’t realise that as well as experiencing the emotions that follow a loved one’s death, there can be a lot of practical work to do, most of which may be unfamiliar to you.

That’s why here at Cover Today we’ve teamed up with the National Bereavement Service to offer help and support for you and your loved ones when it matters. 

The National Bereavement Service provides practical advice from arranging the funeral through to dealing with legal issues. Many of these things can be challenging and stressful if you are unfamiliar with them. To help and support you we guide you through our four simple steps: notification, funeral, Wills, and probate. 

The National Bereavement Service also works with a variety of organisations and can signpost you to local and national services for bereavement counselling and other support you may need. 

The National Bereavement Service understands that every loss is different, and they can help you with your circumstances and it may be useful to talk to someone. You can call them free on 0800 024 6185 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 10am to 2pm (excluding bank holidays). Alternatively, visit the website which offers a wealth of information  

Step One: Notification 

In this step, we can guide you through obtaining the death certificate (The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death), or what happens if the death has been referred to the coroner, contacting government departments, and which organisations need to be informed that the person has died. 

Further information on step one can be found here.  

Step Two: Funeral 

In this step, we can help you find a funeral director and provide you with advice on how to ensure any last funeral wishes are implemented.  

Further information on step two can be found here.  

Step Three: Looking for the Will

In this step, we help you understand what to do next about finding the Will and how to proceed if no Will can be found.  

Further information on step three: You can find out what’s next if there is a Will here and if there is no Will you can find more information here.  

Step Four: Probate 

In this step, we can explain whether you will need to go through the legal process of Probate and how to carry out the process. We can also provide advice on whether you need professional legal support and how to go about finding it.

Further information on Step Four can be found here.  

What is the National Bereavement Service? 

The National Bereavement Service is a not-for-profit organisation providing practical support and guidance to every person needing help at the difficult time following someone’s death.  

National Bereavement Service can help you with any aspect of dealing with a bereavement. Their free service includes: 

  • How to register the death 
  • Guidance on dealing with the coroner 
  • Finding a reputable funeral director 
  • Advice on overseas issues following a death 
  • Information on bereavement related benefits 
  • Advice on the ‘Tell Us Once’ service to notify central and local government agencies of the death 
  • Advice on Wills and their validity 
  • Advice on how to administer the estate, whether or not probate is needed and whether or not there is a Will 
  • Information on how to choose between DIY probate and using professional legal support and how to find this 
  • Signposting to trusted organisations that can help with any specific emotional needs  
  • Suppressing mail addressed to the deceased person 
  • Support with planning ahead for your own death or that of someone else: 
    • Writing a Will 
    • Lasting Power of Attorney
    • Estate Planning  

Call the National Bereavement Service on 0800 024 6185 or visit for more information or to chat to an advisor online. 

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